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Motorcycle Accidents Attorney in Canton, Ohio

Why An Attorney is Needed After a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle use has increased due to rising gas prices and increased traffic. Motorcycles have also become popular among retirees who enjoy riding the open road. Unfortunately, as motorcycles and bicycles become more popular, they have more accidents. Riders are particularly prone to injuries in collisions when a car or truck is involved.

It is convenient for an insurance company or defense lawyer to blame the rider for his or her injuries because the factual details involved in a motorcycle or bicycle accident are frequently interrelated. Employing an attorney experienced and skilled in motorcycle/bicycle cases is essential to proving your case and prevailing in your claim.   

Have You Been in a Motorcycle Accident?

Reasons For Motorcycle/Bike Accidents

In many cases, a motorcycle or bicycle accident involves a collision with another motor vehicle, such as an automobile or truck. In these situations, the attorney must focus on different variables including distracted driving, impaired operation, and compliance with traffic laws. A variety of circumstances can cause a motorcycle accident. A motorcycle cannot protect a cyclist in a collision due to its lack of protective covers. In most cases, motorcycle accidents are not the fault of the rider.

Bicycles are more at risk from weather and road hazards than car passengers. Since a motorbike's wheel has less surface area than a car tire, it barely clings to the road. Motorcyclists make turns by leaning, which predisposes motorcycle riders to bad weather and poor road conditions.

A cyclist's safety can be jeopardized by road and weather circumstances that wouldn't be a problem for an insulated car passenger. Wetness, potholes, bumps, and even painted lines on the pavement can disrupt a motorcycle’s balance.

Reimbursement For Injuries

A motorbike accident victim has the right to pursue financial compensation for damages. Even in single-vehicle incidents, the maker of the motorcycle or the local government may be held accountable for dangerous road conditions or the other driver in collisions involving another motor vehicle. A skilled attorney will hold the relevant parties accountable to ensure victims receive fair compensation.

Who Is Eligible to Sue After Motorcycle Accidents?

Several circumstances may impact a motorcyclist's injury claim following an accident. Among these are Ohio’s motor vehicle and insurance requirements, medical expenses, liability, and the motorcycle's compliance with traffic laws.

Finding the responsible party in a motorcycle accident can be extremely challenging, especially if the motorcyclist's conduct led to the crash.

In nearly all motorcycle accidents, the question of fault and/or liability needs to be addressed. Sometimes, an accident reconstruction is required to determine how the accident occurred, the speed of the vehicles and the defensive action taken by the driver or rider. To defend against arguments raised by an insurance company or defense lawyer, a mechanical or engineering expert may be required to analyze the tire tread, headlight/lamp filament function, or braking system of the motorcycle.

After a motorcycle collision, several scenarios could occur. The responsible party’s insurance company may pressure or low-ball you into accepting a settlement. A lawsuit may be required in order to achieve full and fair compensation for your injuries, lost income and permanency of your physical condition. A trial or mediation may be used to resolve the dispute. Your best chance of fending off attempts by insurance companies to settle the claim for much less than you are entitled to is to hire an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer.

Retaining a lawyer familiar with Ohio law on motorcycle operation and safety is essential. The nuances affecting your case can be navigated by an attorney experienced with motor vehicle accident law, who will also fight to uphold your rights.

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